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      Our Specialty
   Lived-in luxury hair painting

nicoles hair

All of our services are all inclusive!


All services include a proper consultation, customizable gloss, haircut + Blow dry.
*** All blondes require a gloss
*** Blow dry recommended 

Not included in package
*Tipped out ends (add on$40) (technique used to brighten dulled ends)
*Extra bowl of color (add on $20)
*Grey Coverage (add on $50)
*Gloss Starting at $40


Lightening -

Foil Work + Balayage

All techniques such as teaslights, Foiling,+ Balayage will fall under  lightening services.  


*All prices vary based on each individuals needs,

and will be discussed with your stylist at the time of your appointment!

Full Lightening-  3-4 Hour appointment. This service gives you a gorgeous all over blonde look.
Starting at $280+  Maintenance 6-8 wks

Half Lightening- 2-3 Hour appointment. Not all of your hair will be lightened during this service. Allowing for a dimensional lived in look and seamless grow out. Starting at $250+ Maintenance 8-12 wks
Sunkissed Glow- 2 Hr appointment. Soft, natural & subtle look. This service is perfect for achieving that sunkissed look. 3-4 X a year.  
Starting at $200+

Blonde Card- Full on scalp blonding service from roots to ends.
3-4 hour appointment Starting at $250+


Root touch up only starting at $80+
Root touch up with cut & blow-dry 
starting at $154+

All over color- Color from roots to ends 2 hr service 
long hair- Starting at $194+
medium hair- Starting a$174+
short hair- Starting at $164+



Hair cut & Blow-dry Starting at $58+
Hair cut w/o Blow-dry starting at $45+


Invisible Bead Extensions (IBE)

IBE method is one of the safest, most comfortable, flexible hair extension methods on the market. Hand tied wefts will be strategically placed in the hair that have been previously custom color matched and or will be done at the time of installation. 
5+ Hours

***Consultation Required***
15 minute consultation - complementary
Anyting over 15 minutes $50 

-Price based upon 
-Does not include the cost of custom color and style

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